About us

SketchMill is a print illustration brand based in Melbourne, Australia founded by Bic Walker.
Our SketchMill Iconic images are popular with tourists and locals alike and celebrate our love of Australian places and all things travel. Our SketchMill Moments range includes images for birthdays, special occasions and gifts.  The art we produce is featured on our prints and also goes onto greeting cards, post cards, soap, tea towels, candles and a range of timber products including jewelry, bookmarks and coasters.
SketchMill originated as a by-product of the art created for a series of children's books written by Bic including 'A Safe Place to Live' and ‘Finding Hope’.  A Safe Place to Live tells the story of Bic's journey to Australia as a child refugee.  Finding Hope tells the story of Srey, an orphan helped by the charity Hope for Cambodian Children, and raised money for this organisation.
Bic Walker at the book Launch for A Safe Place to Live
After publishing the book, Bic discovered that using the illustrations from the book as greeting cards raised more funds than the book itself.  SketchMill was born!.
Today SketchMill supports many artists.  Bic continues to paint and draw and has delighted in producing more work for the ever popular Melbourne series of cards and prints.
You can contact us at SketchMill by email (hello@sketchmill.com.au) or using the Contact Us section of our website